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" In the world of today, desire to get admissions in foreign countries grows rapidly, especially to get admission in countries of European Union like Poland. For this reason, Euroclass has been created to help students get admission in most prestigious Universities in Poland. Company Euroclass is fully registered and certified by Polish Government – Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are a small organization and pride ourselves in the personal assistance we are able to provide to you, our customers.

Organizing and planning to study abroad is no easy task and we will take you through it step by step and prepare you for your experience abroad like no other organization can. We are reputed to specialize in assisting students and parents comprehensively and provide them a flawless International consultancy connected with studies opportunities. We provide full support beyond their imagination. We have 5 years of experience in international education. We have assisted many students in achieving their goal to study abroad.



Euroclass offer guidance to people wishing to effect a profound and lasting change in their life style, and also provide themselves, with opportunities for a successful future. Contact Euroclass today to start your journey, it will be best choice for Your future."


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 Poland is a member of the European Union. It joined the Schengen Area in 2007. As a result passport checks are abolished on Poland’s borders to Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Lithuania. It practically means that persons admitted to the Schengen Area can travel hassle-free between 24 countries of the Schengen Area without internal land and sea border controls, from Portugal to Poland and from Greece to Finland. Although Poland undergoes through a process of rapid economic development, the cost of living is still significantly lower than in most of the EU countries. A total amount of 200-400 Euros is enough to cover the basic cost of accommodation, food and transport. The cost of entertainment and participation in cultural events are also much lower than EU average. Is spite of popular image, Poland is much safer than most of the European countries. Even the Nordic countries, considered as very safe, have much higher crime rate than Poland. It's perfectly safe in here for international students of all races, beliefs and origins.

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Imagine having a study experience that is completely your own. Its entirely possible that you will leave home with one image of yourself and return with a new outlook on your abilities to work, live, study and explore another culture; a new found passion for travel; a new world outlook; a sense of responsibility and accountability; and, lasting memories. Studying abroad will allow you to experience new cultures, make new friends from around the world, and learn more than you ever thought possible This experience is a gift you have given to yourself, and you will be able to open it again and again.

Katowice - Medical University of Silesia


Medical University of Silesia is an institution which unites long-standing traditions with a modern, dynamic and highly international profile. The Medical University of Silesia is the largest medical school in Poland. It has been established on the 20th of March 1948, occupies a notable place among the leading medical educational institutions of Poland and Europe, combining tradition with dynamism and competence in research and education. The Medical University of Silesia consists of five schools: School of Medicine in Katowice (the one that offers education in English language), School of Medicine with the Division of Dentistry in Zabrze, School of Health Care, School of Public Health, and School of Pharmacy with Division of Medical Analytics in Sosnowiec. The university is governed by the Rector who together with his Deputies and Administration Director constitutes the Rector`s Council. The University has educated over 38,000 graduates, many of whom practice outside Poland. Due to the fact that all faculties and departments engage in scientific research, their achievements in the fields of cardiology, cardiosurgery, nephrology, endocrinology, diabetology, rheumatology, surgery and ophthalmology, along with occupational medicine, biochemistry and histology are well known all over the world. Consequently, it provides a very good educational environment, offering access to the latest research results, as well as the most modern technology and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

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